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Good Day! 

I am planning on doing some sort of giveaway soon! So stay tuned for that! 🙂

Also, when I took a break from blogging for a while I was able to realize how much I like it. I realized I can make it whatever I want it to be. You can make it creative and post ideas and thoughts you normally would shove back in your brain and forget about.

When I was in Chicago, I adapted to the ICE COLD WEATHER pretty well and just fell in love with the city! I would go back for any given reason! I mean look at this place! :

How beautiful?

Such an exciting yet homey city


I honestly thought I was going to move there by the time I left. I went there to work and ended up meeting so many great people, I made friends that I talk to everyday since I left. It was by far one of the best experiences I have ever had. AND! If you know me, I am terrified of flying and I did it lonesome which was a huge deal for me. The airport wine helped of course. 😉

Behind the blog scenes, some of the bloggers that I talk to know that I was hanging out with a few celebrities out in Chi town. It was so fun and so surreal at the same time. One of the celebrities is actually pretty much a house hold name. The others you would recognize but maybe not know them by name. I will leave that up to all of your imaginations of whom I was hanging out with. 😉

I can say that the one that everyone would know seems like a total biotch but is actually pretty cool and has a reallllly hot boyfriend who I met and almost fainted. He is SO hot. Did I say that already? Man, sometimes I wish I was famous just so I could date a ridiculously hot, rich, beautiful, hot, beautiful, rich guy. JUST KIDDING! I am just fine with the hunk I have for myself.

Moving on, has anyone seen the show Bridalplasty? If not, I don’t know if I would actually tell you to check it out. It is sick! I mean to each their own but I find it horrible that if you win a challenge on the show you get a plastic surgery procedure done. Whatt? I don’t know, I think that is just sending the wrong message to everyone. The message that we are “now trying to change”. Yuck, it just makes me uncomfortable that a show exists like this! The girls look ridic!


It makes me so uncomfortable that I don’t know what else to laugh at it! I don’t know, what are your thoughts?

Oh by the way, none of these photos on this post are mine in case you didn’t know haha.

I am about two shakes of a lamb’s tail, or realisticly..two clicks away from getting this cheery spring filled shirt from my favorite store, Anthropolgie. To do it or not to do!? 




Get it? Ok! Haha.


What would you do if you were innocent in something but you could not prove it?


Hello, hope everyone is having a wonderful day so far! 

I must start off saying that I love Laury’s blog and yesterday, she had a very passionate post describing her thoughts on food and the body. This is a very passionate topic for me as well. So I recommend you taking a look over at The Fitness Dish! Tell her I sent ya! haha just kidding…but ya can. 😉


So lets test your knowledge! 

Since I am not savvy on this blog or anything , I can advise you to jot down the letters coordinating with the question to respond in your comment. If not, don’t google the answer! Just come back tomorrow to find out. I am just curious to see our general knowledge of our nutrition. 


1. How many serving of fruit should you have each day? 

A.  1

B. 2

C. 2-4

D. 3-5

2. According to the latest estimates, how much vitamin C do most adults need each day?

A. 60 mg

B. 200 mg

C. 500 mg

D. 1,000 mg 

E. 5,00m mg

3. Too much iron can raise the risk of which of the following?

A.  Heart Disease

B. Cancer

C. Liver Damage

D. All of the above

4. Getting enough calcium may help cut the risk of which cancer?

A.  Breast Cancer

B. Bladder Cancer

C. Colon Cancer

D. Prostate Cancer

5. The B-vitamin, folate, may help prevent which of the following?

A.  Heart Disease

B. Stroke

C. Colon Cancer

D. Birth Defects

E. All of the Above

6. You know that Calcium is important, but which of the following is the best bet for getting the Calcium you need?

A.  Cheddar Cheese

B. Broccoli

C. Eggs

D. Low fat milk

7. What is the amount vegetable servings should you be eating?

A.  At least one

B. One full serving

C. Two servings

D. Three or more servings

8. During a mall trip, you get a major snack attack. Which of the following mall munchies packs the worst fats?

A.  A McDonald’s Big Mac

B. A giant Cinnamon roll at Cinnabon

C. An order of Taco bell nachos

I found myself actually hesitating answering these!

So, everyone’s suggestions were awesome yesterday for dresses! I would have never thought to look at forever 21 for a dress. I can buy 5 of them for the price of one I was looking at! Haha Still no final decisions but these are in the running:

I love this little hot black dress! With a pair of red pumps or metalic gray?

I love this!! But still not sure! haha

Everyone was SO helpful! I appreciate it so much! Thanks to Shanna! I fell asleep to Lulus.com scrolling dresses. WHAT? I was next to the fireplace in my glory! haha 

Have a Fantastic Friday! I love you guys! xoxoxo

P.S. If I wear this dress one more time this year, I am going to scream!

Second to last

I’m A Snake

Ahoj! Dobré jitro.

Haha Sike. One of my best friends, Denise and her parents are from Czech Republic and I know how to say about two sentences. That was – Hello! Good morning. 🙂

Something that I HAVE to share and just can’t stop thinking about .. is this:

Good ol’ Tosh-O shared this to me and I find it way too funny for my own good. I have a strange sense of humor I suppose. 

Btw, I actually had a dream about the boots I posted yesterday. I think I am making the final purchase today. I love them in black too, but brown is much more practical for me.

Now, I want to share my biggest joy at almost 7 months old! Eeeek I love him so much!




Ricky Baby!

This was on Christmas morning! Gosh I love him! He is my best therapy (because I get to hand him back when he cries/poops/spits up…haha)

So I would love some advise on what to wear to my boyfriends birthday. I need a hot little number for his big day because it’s definitly a milestone for him! After searching and really just spending WAY too much time looking for a dress this is the only one that I am considering. I don’t even love it! 😦

What do you think? I am not so sure about it right now. Any site suggestions?

I am also brainstroming birthday gift ideas for my hubby but have not made any purchases yet.


What was the best present you ever gave someone?

Hello Again!

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My Mrs. Momma

FIRST, I must say that my best friend since FIRST grade haha (get it first, first) Ok…Does most certainly have a blog but does not really have followers because she never tried to. She does it for fun and she has AWESOME recipes on there so gah head…check it out! She is also featured on my one post – This one’s for the girls .. I give you Anna Banana @ Bullet’s Bite !! Give her some love!!!

I mean she got to touch Jessica Simpson’s BUTT! 😉

Ok…I love my Momma! She is so strong and such an inspiration to all women. My mother was born on December 1, 1955. For all of you history buffs it is indeed the day Rosa Parks sat in front of the bus. She had a gorgeous Mother (Who you can see here!)  and a very handsome Father whom became pregnant at the age of 19. It was unexpected and so they did the “right thing” in those days and were married. A year later my Aunt Beverly was born and when my Momma was 10 years old my Aunt Collette was born.


My beautiful Mother getting ready on her Wedding day!

She had such long beautiful hair that you can not see here BUT

I think at her age here she slightly resemebles Lynn Collins the actress from Wolverine:

Lynn Collins

My Grandmother and Grandfather were always working which led my Ma’ to grow up fast for her age. I call her a book-worm but she just loves learning and being graded on it. Even to this day! How do I keep this short?

My Dad is 7 years older than my Mom - Look at that haircut and hat!?!

Ok, so she was a very successful accountant for laboratory company who actually made the lottery balls (haha that was so cool to me as a kiddo). She eventually decided when I was about 13, 14? That she was not happy with her occupation that she has worked so hard for and decided to continue working AND going back to school for teaching. Once she starting taking courses she was blowing people out of the water and people helped guide her along her way out of her astonishing focus and drive.

She became a teacher almost immediately in the Philadelphia school district (which does not have the highest reputation) through an “Emergency Certification”. This resulted in her having to make a decision and she left her job taking a GREAT percentage amount in her pay cut.

Well not ONE regret comment has come out of her mouth since then and she gets paid just fine being she worked her way up in the school district. She gets the students involved and has them do advertising for the local Philadelphia sports, they then get to meet the players of the season (Flyers, Eagles, Phillies) she gets free games through her connections that she had built (that benefits me time to time 😉 ), she has local radio stations throw concerts at her schools.

Going on and on can be an option but I want you to be as inspired as I am of my wonderful Mother. She is ONE class away of having her doctorates in teaching lol! What?? She just started about ten years ago out of a career change!? Amazing!

All that I am trying to say is that it’s never too late to chase your dream and it’s certainly not something you should question. My Mother had a vision and did it, now she is very well-respected and has turned programs around beyond belief, she is extraordinary and I know I can always count on her because being a Mom is always her # 1 role.

Look at her sweetness in her eyes!

I don’t know how she does it all and I don’t know how she keeps going after Allllll our family has been through (which is soo much beyond what you could imagine) but she is the kindest woman with the biggest heart. Just don’t twist her loud, outspoken mouth with rudeness…it is what it is with my Ma’.

I love her more than she will ever know and admire her ever single day of my life. She has kept our family safe and together our whole lives and will never leave any of our sides. I don’t want to get into detail everything she has had to deal with for our family but just know and trust she needs a break.

So guys, what can I do for my beautiful Mother for Christmas? What is something that will blow her away and just let her have her own day for once.

And you know she gets pedicures, manicures blah blah.

  • What is the best gift you have given to an important woman or a great gift you heard about?
  • I just really want to give her everything she deserves in a gift  (without spending my entire life savings haha)
  • If you don’t have any ideas, what are some must haves or must have to get for someone for the holidays??

I loves him, getting ready for din din...he does not like how he looks here but I wan't in the mood for picture taking


Me trying to stand up and push up a wee bit did not do anything!!! Little shit

  • We had chicken and broccoli Alfredo last night and if you are a lover of it like me…try this bad boy out!! Werth it! (only Phillies fans would get that)



Everyone has had their heart-broken one time or another. Or has probably broken a few hearts. Why am I talking about this? I talked to my ex boyfriend of three years last night. Now, I broke up with him in June 09′ and we both insisted on staying friends and keeping in touch. Well that became hard for him I believe and now it’s just random here and there emails. He was a huge part of my life and my best friend when we were together as most couples are.

He was in the Air Force and we actually were planning to move to Colorado to start our future married life. I just knew it was not right. The whole last year of our relationship I was battling with myself on what to do. Finally I just realized I was not being ME :(. It was probably one of the hardest things I had to do.

Everything does happen for a reason. I broke another heart after that and then met my boyfriend now. I didn’t want a relationship after that three year one, the thought actually made me sick lol. I guess when you meet the right person everything just feathers into place.

I did have my heartbroken when I was 19. I know that sounds young but I was just devastated. He was 22 and we hit it off right away, I got along with all of his friends as did he with mine and we were always together. He was out of a 5 year relationship and had his heart-broken so I was all very sensitive on being “too much” for him. It was perfect! (In my eyes lol) We dated for a while and I think we went on like 3 dates MAYBE haha.

My girlfriends warned me that his body language says everything and he is not good for me. Huh? Body language? I was naive and young, he had one foot out the door the entire time and eventually met someone (while we were down the shore I should add) and broke it off with me. I just remember sitting by the phone waiting, hoping, crying for him to call. Well…he is happily married with a beautiful 2-year-old daughter now. So, obviously that day never came haha. Ugh I just remember crying on the floor and my Dad had to pick me up … Oh my heart was just so broken.

What is funny is I still reference him as “when my heart was broken” and my Ma said to me last month, “I don’t even know who you are talking about and you act like you dated him your whole life”.

Damn! LOL Welllll, that’s not what I want to portray but maybe it was my first real heartbreak…? Yes, I will take the cocky way out. 😉

I talked to him actually this week briefly as well. I wish him the very best that little shit. I can totally relate now though growing up and breaking a few hearts myself.

I most certainly don’t regret anything in my past at all. I am absolutely in love with my boyfriend and expect and look forward to the rest of our lives together. I know I am with the person I should be with, who else can I laugh with for HOURS doing weird voices and impersonations with? Who else could I sit next to knowing that arm was being thrown back as I am in mid-air sitting down for it to be curled around me snuggled up when my ass hits the couch.

I am in complete in love with my soul-mate and have never felt better about life.

OK! Sooo..one thing that has always helped me through every single crisis in my life is music. The songs that reminds me the most of each relationship I am going to list.

What are some of your breakup songs? Love songs too!?


My 3 year relationship: Here comes goodbye

Me getting my heart-broken (ugh I hate saying that lol): What hurts the most

My boyfriend and I now:  Then

Now I know not everything matches up with every detail but this is what makes me think of each one. 🙂

Anyways, Not talking about the Phillies because I won’t jinx them. So I will show you my easy fast dinner I made last night.

Dorito chicken soo good but so not so good for you...:(

My buffalo sautéed chicken! Mmmm! Is alllll I have to say!

I made perogies as well as some veggies. But I was starving and ate as soon as they were done.

Have a Fantastic Friday! xoxoxo

Forgive me for errors: Didn’t proof read 😉

This weekend was one my most fulfilling weekends I have ever had. Friday was nice and calm like the norm, cooking, movies and some relaxing beverages ;). As for Saturday, it was my belated birthday celebration with friends and family. We picked the perfect date for it too, the weather was a delightful fall day with warmth from the sun and a slight breeze. It started when my bf woke me up at 8 am to start our day off, we got ready, ran some last-minute errands and we were off.

Then we arrived to start my highly anticipated adventure!! Now, I have been asking my parents to take me to do this since I was seven years old. My Dad started off saying, “When you are old enough Katie” then when that day came he would just say, “Next year Katie, next year”. Soooo I took it amongst myself to do it!

The Gun Range

Some people just don’t like guns and that’s fine, but if you remember an old post I wrote…I always wanted to be a CSI agent ;). To each their own.

My Daddy and Me ❤

My Pops served the in Army during Vietnam war, he actually did not shoot surprisingly to me. He just helped coach me and did SUCH a patient job with me! Hehe

My Brother in Law and Me

Rick served in the war and was over seas in Iraq for a long time. Oh and btw I felt like my leather vest was just appropriate. Rick actually just laughed when he saw me (I had leather boots on too haha)

We walked into the indoor gun range and it was a bit intimidating looking around at the shop with guns and guns in a showcase. I started to get a little nervous just being out of my comfort zone. We picked our poster size targets of bad guys with guns or hostages which was cool, then we waited our turn because the place was busy when we arrived.

It was our turn, we had lane (I say it like it’s bowling) 8 and 9. As soon as I walked in it smelled like fireworks and it gave me a rush. I love fireworks and so does my Dad. He used to put on shows every fourth of July so it was some what comforting strangely. Then, the other people in the range were shooting and every single shot made me jump. I was shaking just from the noise! I had earplugs and the muff protection and it was still some what loud. Then it came time for me to shoot my first gun:

First time shooting!!

My hands were shaking from the mixture of the noise, weight of the gun and all to remember while firing. The stance, the breathing, the target, the recoil and how to control it.

My first shot actually scared me and it was like I didn’t know what happened. Then after a while, getting used to the sounds, weight of the gun and being comfortable loading it I started to really get into it. I would not leave until I hit my small target bullseye.

Finishing up!

I nipped it and called it a day, my bro in law we left the last round for he hit a target as big as a quarter each time. He is unbelievable! My boyfriend was really very good too! He really loved it too!

I was tired after shooting, it was mentally and physically exhausting but I pushed through it to meet up with friends later. I didn’t even bother changing but I slipped out of the vest and threw a sweater. Out the door we went.

We had an early start at the bar 🙂

We arrived at a local bar and started with beers slowly more and more friends of mine and my bf’s showed which did lead to some bday shots of course but I did manage to not get crazy, sloppy drunk. I never really do but I was also not used to taking shots and the bar scene for that matter.

Dan and I, don’t worry I BEGGED him to remove the shell necklace and the tacky things!

But he has a reason for everything! Superstition for the Phils … Ohhh the Phillies fans! What are you going to do?

My bb and me with a few of his buds

Now I have known these guys for 10 years but they are my bf’s great friends so they all made sure I had a drink in my hand at all times! 😉

A bunch of my friends came up and it was just so much fun!

I did more talking then I did drinking I think just because of the amount of people there so it was just such a great night to end the awesome day with! I couldn’t have asked for anything else!

The next morning rolled around and naturally I had a bit a of headache but the bf and I had lunch plans. So we ran to the grocery store picked up last-minute appetizers and dinner for later than WAITED out front of the liquor store until Noon when it opened! Haha it was slightly embarrassing but we didn’t care we had to be at his Mom’s house ASAP for pizza. His old neighbors that moved away were coming over for lunch.

We made over and had such a lovely day! It was my bf’s family hosting a small lunch with Mrs. Arnold with her daughter Katie and Katie’s two children. Having Katie Arnold, Katie (my bf’s sister’s name) and me in the house made it a bit amusing. Sooo I got to play with this little man all day! 🙂 They were all saying I was his girlfriend because he was following me around and cried if I left the room. ❤ I fell in love him too almost instantly. 🙂

My Little Man of the Day!

So it was a beautiful weekend followed by the Philadelphia sports teams killing it! Couldn’t of imagined the day any better. So that was my weekend and it was perfect!

Ehh to Monday but it’s Columbus Day, I am rereading his story like I always do on this day. Corny? ahh well .. Have a fantastic day!