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Ok, warning! If you get skeeved out easily…please do not read this! I only say this because I have a picture (that does not even do justice to what happened) that I am going to share.

SO! Thursday night I had a girls night at my friend Laura’s house. We went to the gym, had a major workout session and it felt great. We then headed to Wegman’s to pick up some sushi AND grab a bottle of wine from the VENDING MACHINE! Ummm…have you heard of this? Well pretty much I was freaking out when I saw this vending machine filled with bottles of wine. I think I could have peeeeeeed my pants!



Yeah…I was AMAZED! So we giggled and grabbed a bottle of Pino Grigio and took off for our slumber party. Bath robes, slippers, wine, sushi, nail painting, boy talk and of course Jersey Shore. Her bf’s brother is a NYC Fire Fighter who lives there a few times a month when he does not sleep at the fire house. He came in during our gossip session….we did not think anything of it. The night went on.

It was a good night to say the least. The next morning, duty calls when the alarm buzzed SO loud at the awful time of 6:00 am. Murrr She showered first, I laid in bed picturing myself actually getting up and moving the whole time lol.

Pretty much moral of the story is that I showered. I was kind of frustrated because the sliding glass door was being temperamental and it was not shutting properly. I was done showering, stepped out and the door would not shut. So I started trying to “jimmy” it up and over to stay on the tracks. BOOM!

Yes, the freaking GLASS shower door shattered on my foot. NOW…I pretty much went into shock and did not know what to do, I was BUTT naked lol and my robe was on the floor covered in glass. Laura kept trying to come in as I stand there naked not knowing what to do. So, she pretty much slammed the door open shook out my robe and covered me in it. 

Fire Fighter to the rescue! Laid me down in the kitchen, elevated my foot as Laura threw a blanket over me so I was not giving anyone a show. I started feeling really weak and started seeing blotchy black spots and knew I was about to pass out so I kept saying that over and over. Tony (fire fighter) somehow got an ice-cold towel and put in on the back of my neck which like shocked me awake.

This story is crazy right? Pretty much I am fine, I lost a lot of blood but my foot is fine! I just has a pretty decent cut on it. THATS IT! 

OK, brace yourself. This is a picture of the mess in the mids of cleaning it up. So please do not look if you don’t like gross pictures.

A clean version of the scene

Ughhhh! So bad! It was like smeared out into the kitchen and all. SO AWFUL!

I am telling you, if Tony the Fire Fighter was not there I probably would have been in the back of an ambulance screaming I am dying. I am just so thankful I was not hurt worse!

Geez, crazy morning yesterday right? Well I went on with my day and even went to the gym lol. Not kidding.

Pretty proud of myself for not crying, not dying, not passing out and not letting it ruin my day! So just saying…That was my yesterday!

My friend Steph’s engagement party was supposed to be for tonight but is now postponed until the 19th so now I have no plans. What to do…?

What are your fun plans this weekend??


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