Ok, warning! If you get skeeved out easily…please do not read this! I only say this because I have a picture (that does not even do justice to what happened) that I am going to share.

SO! Thursday night I had a girls night at my friend Laura’s house. We went to the gym, had a major workout session and it felt great. We then headed to Wegman’s to pick up some sushi AND grab a bottle of wine from the VENDING MACHINE! Ummm…have you heard of this? Well pretty much I was freaking out when I saw this vending machine filled with bottles of wine. I think I could have peeeeeeed my pants!



Yeah…I was AMAZED! So we giggled and grabbed a bottle of Pino Grigio and took off for our slumber party. Bath robes, slippers, wine, sushi, nail painting, boy talk and of course Jersey Shore. Her bf’s brother is a NYC Fire Fighter who lives there a few times a month when he does not sleep at the fire house. He came in during our gossip session….we did not think anything of it. The night went on.

It was a good night to say the least. The next morning, duty calls when the alarm buzzed SO loud at the awful time of 6:00 am. Murrr She showered first, I laid in bed picturing myself actually getting up and moving the whole time lol.

Pretty much moral of the story is that I showered. I was kind of frustrated because the sliding glass door was being temperamental and it was not shutting properly. I was done showering, stepped out and the door would not shut. So I started trying to “jimmy” it up and over to stay on the tracks. BOOM!

Yes, the freaking GLASS shower door shattered on my foot. NOW…I pretty much went into shock and did not know what to do, I was BUTT naked lol and my robe was on the floor covered in glass. Laura kept trying to come in as I stand there naked not knowing what to do. So, she pretty much slammed the door open shook out my robe and covered me in it. 

Fire Fighter to the rescue! Laid me down in the kitchen, elevated my foot as Laura threw a blanket over me so I was not giving anyone a show. I started feeling really weak and started seeing blotchy black spots and knew I was about to pass out so I kept saying that over and over. Tony (fire fighter) somehow got an ice-cold towel and put in on the back of my neck which like shocked me awake.

This story is crazy right? Pretty much I am fine, I lost a lot of blood but my foot is fine! I just has a pretty decent cut on it. THATS IT! 

OK, brace yourself. This is a picture of the mess in the mids of cleaning it up. So please do not look if you don’t like gross pictures.

A clean version of the scene

Ughhhh! So bad! It was like smeared out into the kitchen and all. SO AWFUL!

I am telling you, if Tony the Fire Fighter was not there I probably would have been in the back of an ambulance screaming I am dying. I am just so thankful I was not hurt worse!

Geez, crazy morning yesterday right? Well I went on with my day and even went to the gym lol. Not kidding.

Pretty proud of myself for not crying, not dying, not passing out and not letting it ruin my day! So just saying…That was my yesterday!

My friend Steph’s engagement party was supposed to be for tonight but is now postponed until the 19th so now I have no plans. What to do…?

What are your fun plans this weekend??


I just want to say thank you to ALL of the comments left on my last post because I loved each and every one of them!

Also, I feel bad because I have not been able to go online lately because my MOTHER needed to borrow my laptop and left it at her school and since we had a snow attack here she has not been to work to bring it back! UGH so frustrating!

BUT, this past week has been the best week of my life since I can remember. I feel so great about everything and that is in thanks to a lot of new things that came into my life and some bad things that are now gone! 😉

But since I am at my girly’s house right now and we are about to get ready to go on a hot dinner date I just want to share this with you.

You may know from my freak out (lol) that one of my besties just got engaged. Congrats to Steph ❤ and Frankie!

Love Birds

Then shortly after New Years (hence the picture above) he proposed!


1/23/2011 ENGAGED!


Trust that I would do anything for this girl! She is such an amazing friend and I will only let her have the best! 😉 If the above pictures (especially the middle one) is not evidence that she has “the guy” then this will prove my point.

Be patient and watch, trust me. I cried like no other while watching this!

I know this is kind of a long scratchy video but I really hope you took the time to watch. 🙂

I love them two so much and wanted to share their happiness! ❤

I will be back soon! UGH This is driving me nutso not having my laptop!

First things first! Congratulations to one of my beautiful besties, Steph and her NEW fiance Frankie for their engagement yesterday!

Such a beautiful and fun couple and it’s so exciting yet knew it was coming. They are perfect for each other and I can’t wait to celebrate with them! Bring out the bubbly! 😉

So, fyi I felt kind of selfish from just talking about my hair yesterday and kind of narcissistic. So please note that was not my intention at all! I was just verrrry anxious about my big day today starting a new “plaaaccee”. I am warming up people just don’t like everything public ya know?

Not to mention this week has been one gosh darn whirl wind of events! Good, bad you name it. I have no fun pictures of anything I did this weekend because I am in need of a new sim card for my camera and have STILL not purchased one. But I can assure you that Friday night was filled with sushi and drinks. I missed Zumba Saturday morning which actually I was really upset about! 😦

By the way, I dig what Lisa recommended me to do with my hair for a change but I have this absurd impulse to do this:

I am pretty confident that this hair do will make me look just like this picture. My hair will grow rapidly during the shampoo and I will have to go and buy all new bras. But ya know what? I’m ok with that! 😉

haha I just really love this color. I have been thinking about it for at least a year but it’s such a bold change that eeehhh not sure if I wanna go there OR if I could pull it off!

Enough about that. My fashion excitment for the day is thissss:

Now can someone please donate this dress to me so I don’t have to take a loan out? Lol I wish this was in my price range because it’s hawwt!

That’s all. Off I go, wish me luck. Hope you get by Monday smoothly!


What To Do?

So, tomorrow is a big day for me. A few of you behind the scenes know what is going on so lets just say it’s going to be a very new day to me! I have been making decisions for my future rather than on right now. So it’s scary, nerve wrecking and just plain nail biting stressful!

What do I do when I am stressed? Start thinking about the strangest things in the world! Like I have already vacuumed every room in the house, did the dishes, cleaned and dusted everything. UMM – not me, at ALL. I usually have to mentally prepare myself to have a cleaning day lol. OH THE NERVES! GAhhh!

Now, I am off to my hair! LOL What the flip? When I first met my bf I looked like this:

Mind you I was in much better shape, tanned from it being summer but I loved my locks. Long, rocked the easy wave everyday with some golden blonde highlights. I miss it 😦

My bf then went away for a few days on vacation to Vegas and when he came back I looked like this:

It’s really quite a dramatic change to come home to. I liked both! I needed a change and this is what I did. Needless to say the bf “liked” it but made it clear be “loved” the longer locks.

I am currently in limbo of what the hell to do! Dark hair while letting it grow out is annoying me right now.

This older pic from the summer just with a few highlights thrown in. What do I want is the question?

I think I just want my hair to sprout already. Or do I cut it all off again and be rebellious? LOL can you tell that I want to act on this impulse out of stress?

Yeahh..so imputs would be greatly appreciated! 😉 I am pretty certain I will be back for round two today with the way my morning has already begun. eeek


I really did not want to post anything today but the more I thought about, the more I knew what I wanted to share.

Yesterday I ran into an old friend. Her name is Sherry and I used to work with her as a fellow bank teller side by side. She is SO much fun and always has a smile on her face.

She immediately jumped on me hugging and laughing how good it was to see me. FYI I have not worked with her in about 4 years. We continued to talk but, I could not get over her new hair cut.

Sherry is middle eastern ( I can not remember exactly where for the LIFE of me right now ) and always had LONG LUSCIOUS BLACK hair. The kind you would kill for. And she was rocking a little pixie cut that looked adorable! I asked, “SHERRY! when did you do this to your hair? It looks amazing!”.

Now her response made this day something I doubt I will ever forget. She told me how she had breast cancer. She told me she has been through chemo this whole year and lost ALL of her hair. My heart sank. I honestly was at a loss for words. As she was talking I started to notice her hair thicker in some areas from growing back and her eyelashes were the same. I hugged her and did not want to let her go.

She continued to tell me she has had both of her breasts removed and is looking forward to her reconstructive surgery in February.

We talked for a while but what I walked away with is unexplainable. Life is SO unpredictable as we all already know. But to see a close friend at one time survive such a traumatic life experience was breath-taking.

We ended our conversation with her asking me to round-up all the girls that we worked with to go out dancing.

Moral of the story is how positive Sherry was. HOW HAPPY she was to be alive. Not to mention she has a 5-year-old son named Jayden who is just precious.

This post is not supposed to be depressing by any means but to share the true love of life I felt yesterday. You bet I called everyone I know telling them how much I love them. Sherry is only 28 years old and still has a rockin’ bod with now a hot little hair cut.

Life throws you shit sometimes but it’s what you make of it that builds you as a person.

Tell someone you love them today and mean it. 🙂

Rude Awakening

Last night it hit me. Ever since I came home from Chicago, I have been watching wayyy tooo muchhh TV. About a year ago, the only show I watched was American Idol. Yes, I said it. I am aware people have a love/hate relationship with that show but I am on the love side. 😉
I realized I just know way too freaking much about bs these days! Arghh! How did this happen? On the other hand, I did find a show that I really like lol. I don’t know why, don’t judge…But The X Life is now one of my favorite shows.

Maybe it’s the guys on the show?

I have a thing for the bad boys. But what I LOVE about this show is that they are all in relationships and really trying to settle their crazy, adrenalin filled lives for their women. It makes me love Cory even more! Which one is Cory? Oh let me tell you!

He is HOT 

I love his sleeves! SO much!

So what if his girl if from America’s Next Top Model 😉

I have a new crush. But most importantly, I love watching the girls laying the law down with their guys and them REALLY trying to change. lol It’s interesting.

My now plan is to be more aware how much I am sucked into TV. I am so serious people! I want to stress that I barely sat down long enough to get into a show a year ago. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. 😉

What do you think about this new trend?

The Black Sawn

I am very serious! Lace, red lipstick, solid colored feathers, diamonds. I think I can go without the tutu and tiara but this is a very popular trend for this spring. I like it toned down a lot actually!

Here, take a look at one of my favorite fashion websites.This will show you what I mean MillionLooks

What do you think of this trend?

What kind of guys do you have a weakness for? Who is your celeb flavor? 😉

FYI I don’t have a “type” for real life guys. My bf is all that I want. ❤

TV Talk

Ahoy! Geez I can not beleive it’s Wednesday already!  I have not been feeling great and am definitly scared I have some sort cold. 😦 Lots of fluids and vitamins for me.

Just throwing it out there, I have had some really strange refferer links to my blog since I have started back up. I guess it just makes a little paranoid. Apparently I have a link to my blog from a car insurance site. I am under interesting sites. I wish I had more interesting things to talk about haha. Just very suprising and strange to me to say the least. 

Since I have been really busy this whole weekend and week so far I do have some general topics to talk about. First, Golden Globes? I am absolutely obessed with this dress, like I can’t stop thinking about it.

How gorgeous is this? So simple, perfect color, semaless!? I honestly never get blown away by the red carpet but something so simple really made my jaw drop. I just love this dress. Bottom line.

I am now all caught up on the new season of The Jersey Shore. HA! I love watching it! Such a shit show! I just love Pauly D. Maybe it’s the random spunk I can relate to in him but he is so funny to me.

I will wait for you Pauly D. No worries.

OMG I almost forgot! A good friend of mine tried out for Iron Chef! So lets keep our fingers crossed that I can have something cool to talk about if he gets through! 🙂

That’s all, nothing interesting today. Or maybe I am just saving all the juicy stuff for another day? Hehe.